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Not looking for a new computer system but want just a little more performance or storage capacity. Maybe you are looking for a new monitor or printer. Whatever your needs we at Absolute Computer can fulfil them for a lot less than you might think. Let us come to your location and professionally install/upgrade your hardware/software.

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Computer Repair Services

We provide affordable computer repair services. Computer problems come in all shapes and sizes. It could be anything from your computer not turning on to the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD).

Whatever your problem is we can help. Call us and one of our certified technicians will be happy to talk to you and see how we can help. Our technicians can come to you or you can come to us, in many circumstances we may even be able to fix your problem remotely. With over 25 years of computer repair experience we are confident that we can fix your problem. We have a 30-day guarantee on our service, if the same problem comes back within 30 days we will come out and fix at no charge to you.

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Laptop Repair Services

Is your laptop running slow? Did you drop your laptop and break the screen or are you missing keys on the keyboard? Maybe you spilled coffee on it or it just stopped working. We at absolute can get it back up and running again fast! Just contact us for shipping instructions, drop off options or on-location services.

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Speed Up Your PC or Laptop

You may remember when you first bought your PC and it was running like an Olympic athlete. You would click on a program and a few seconds later- BAM!- there it was on your screen ready to go. Now you click on a program, go grab a cup of coffee, and when you get back to your PC and maybe it’s ready.

Over time your computer has accumulated lots of temporary files; it has broken registry links; the hard drive becomes fragmented, and lots of ad-ware may have been installed by mistake. Have you ever gone online and installed software that claims to be free? I’ve got bad news -IT’S NOT FREE-  99.99% of the time it comes with adware attached to it that uses up valuable system resources, and -IT SPIES ON YOU! So how can you reclaim that performance? With our PC TUNEUP SERVICE!

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With our PC Tune-Up service, we can get you back to that “just like new” performance and sometimes even better than new. I know what you’re thinking- how could it possibly be better than new performance? Well, it works like this- when you buy a new car, that car is tuned for everyday driving, not the race track. Your computer basically works the same way. It is configured for general everyday use, not custom tailored for your specific computing needs. We configure your system for the best possible performance based on your needs, doing the following-

1. Cleaning out your temporary files
2. Defragmenting your hard drive
3. Defragmenting your Registry
4. Optimizing your Registry (based on your current usage)
5. Optimizing your system configuration and startup (based on your current usage)
6. Removing any ad-ware that may have been installed
7. Giving you a quick 15-minute lesson on what to avoid installing

pc tuneup, computer tune up, tune up my pc, computer repair, my computer is so slow, how to make pc faster, make my computer run faster Pricing For Tune Up

Are you thinking of buying a new computer system for your business, personal or gaming needs? You don’t want your computer to be outdated the minute you take it out of the box? Let Absolute Computer build you a modular system that can not only meet your current needs but your future ones also. Because of industry standardization of computer components over the last decade building and upgrading computers using modular technology has never been better. The days of incompatible components not working with each other are for all practical applications,  gone. We can now mix and match components, and with just a little configuration get the components to work together. Your custom system will be easily upgradable.

An Absolute Custom Computer System is a great way to combat planned obsolescence. The use of modular technology allows for true scalability and power. Imagine buying one system that will be able to meet your needs for the next decade because you took time to build that custom system today.

Call us now for a free phone consult and take back control of your technology needs.

Custom Computer Systems

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