WiFi and Network Set Up and Install

Network Setup


Are you looking to set up a new in office or in-home wireless or wired network? Is your network running slow?   Do you want to connect a new printer or other devices to your network?

We understand that you rely on technology to keep your businesses and personal networks running at peak efficiency. Downtime can be both costly and frustrating, our experts can tweak your networks to run smoothly and efficiently. Whether adding a new device, setting up a new network or just want it all to run faster with fewer breakdowns, let us do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your business goals or taking care of your personal needs.

Network Security

In today's day and age with all the security risks out there, it is more important than ever to have a good security strategy to protect your information. We see it all the time the largest companies and powerful politicians having their information stolen. Having your network secure is more important than ever. As part of our service, we automatically check to see if you are using the most recent security strategies and tools.

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Wireless Networks

Setup wireless network, add wireless devices. Create a new access point.

Router install

Expand current wireless network by adding a new router. Router Configuration.


Setup new network, add new devices to the network. Speed up the network.


Add devices, cell phones, printer etc. to your network

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Monthly Maintenace Contracts

Data Backup and Recovery