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Specializing in Small to Medium Size Businesses and the Individual Home User.

Do You need tech support for your Pc or Laptop? Do you have Internet or Network connection problems? We at Absolute Computer offer a variety of quality affordable services for the small to medium size businesses as well as the home user. We have been servicing the Brooklyn area for the last 5+ years and specialize in personalized service.

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Our Services

• Virus Removal
• Computer Tune Up
• Laptop Repair
• Software Installs
• Anti-Virus Software Setup
• Hardware Upgrades
• Hard Drive Replacement
• SSD Hard Drives Upgrades
• Operating System Migration
• Windows Up-Grade
• Reinstalling Windows
• Printer Install
• Printer Support

• Printer Setup
• Upgrade to Windows 10
• Windows Updates
• Blue screen errors
• Virus and Malware Removal
• Spyware Removal
• Wifi setup
• Wifi Support
• Email Setup
• Email Problems
• Driver Problems
• Driver Updates
• Microsoft Outlook

• Microsoft Office
• Internet Connection Problems
• Firewall Setup
• Security Setup
• Power Supply Install
• Custom Built Computers
• System Won't Turn On or Boot
• Blue Screen of Death
• Computer Freezing Up
• Configuring Firewalls
• Remove Popup Ads
• Slow Performance
• Data Backup Solutions

• Data Recovery
• Backup Cell Phones
• Cannot Connect to the Internet
• Unable to Browse Websites
• Cannot Print, Scan or Fax
• Setup MS Outlook or Outlook Express
• Unable to Send or Receive Emails
• Set Up Laptop
• New Computer Setup
• Networking Issues

• And Much, Much More………

Web Design/Internet Marketing

Virus Removal and AntiVirus!